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and you are the reason i’m smiling when there is nothing to smile about
so i made this thing cause i love this song and embroidering
(Peach - The Front Bottoms)
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I love nial from one direction
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isn’t it weird that you can have friends but also have no friends at the same time

Indie Magazine, July 2014

~   Greta Garbo, (picture Show Magazine Interview, 1927)

422nd Quidditch World Cup [x]



A Seeing Eye Dog on his first day

he knows he’s gonna do such a good job
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#I feel like arthur lost track somewhere around maybe percy #and then the twins happened and he stopped trying #jesus fucking christ molly #Twins? #TWINS? #I can hardly tell one buttock from the other #let alone two identical children #blimey #just fuck it #damn it all #i’ll start referring to them as you boy and that one there

#wait okay I KNOW this one isn’t mine#his hair is brown

#Fuck did we adopt one?
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i felt this way when i drew this, but now i dont feel it anymore im sorry 
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